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It usually develops during sleep and disappears during physical activity, which is explained by increased activity of the vagus nerve and is considered as a variant of the norm. Various surgical procedures can lead to the development of atrioventricular blockades: aortic valve replacement, plastic surgery of congenital heart defects, atrioventricular RFA of the heart, catheterization of the right heart, etc.


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Quite rarely in cardiology, a congenital form of Indomethacin blockade occurs (1:20,000 newborns). In the case of congenital AV blocks, there is a lack of sections of the conduction system (between the atria and the AV node, between the AV node and the ventricles, or both legs of the His bundle) with the development of the corresponding level of blockade. In a quarter of newborns, atrioventricular blockade is combined with other cardiac anomalies of a congenital nature.

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Among the reasons for the development of atrioventricular blockades, drug intoxication is often found: cardiac glycosides (digitalis), β-blockers, calcium channel blockers (verapamil, diltiazem, less often corinfar), antiarrhythmics (quinidine), lithium salts, some other drugs and their combinations.

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The nature of the clinical manifestations of atrioventricular blockade depends on the level of Indomethacin pills disturbance, the degree of blockade, the etiology and severity of concomitant heart disease. Blockades that have developed at the level of the atrioventricular node and do not cause bradycardia do not manifest themselves clinically. The clinic of AV blockade with this topography of disorders develops in cases of severe bradycardia.

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Due to the low heart rate and the fall in the minute output of blood by the heart during exercise, such patients experience weakness, shortness of breath, and sometimes angina attacks. Due to a decrease in cerebral blood flow, dizziness, transient feelings of confusion and fainting may occur.

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With atrioventricular blockade of the II degree, patients feel the loss of a pulse wave as interruptions in the region of the heart. With type III AV blockade, Morgagni-Adams-Stokes attacks occur: a decrease in heart rate to 40 or less beats per minute, dizziness, weakness, blackout, short-term loss of consciousness, pain in the heart, cyanosis of the face, possibly convulsions. Congenital AV block in pediatric and adolescent patients may be asymptomatic.

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